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The Home Bar Awards is a celebration of those who elevate, innovate, and challenge the status quo of home bartending. It's for the work-night warriors who reject store-bought margarita mix. It's for the cocktail-party enthusiasts who laugh in the face of a batched cocktail. It's for those who simply have a passion for home bartending and want to share that passion with the world.

In 2018, we've set out to find the world's best home bartenders. Not just those with the most followers. And not just those who have the nicest cameras. But those who have embraced the art and the science of home bartending.

Think you've got what it takes? Enter by using the hashtag #homebarawards on your Instagram posts.


Home Bartender of the Year

photo via @bitterbotwin


Home Bar of the Year

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Most Innovative CONCEPT of the Year

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Our Team

The folks who make it happen


Chris Kiertz, Socktails

Chris has always had a passion for hospitality. Aside from his love for hosting the occasional cocktail party, he spent many years in the industry waiting tables and managing F&B programs.

The idea for the Home Bar Awards was an offshoot of his concept, Socktails, which is focused on making craft home bartending more accessible (and of course fun socks!). While growing his account and learning more about the space, he discovered a community of people who love to create and love to help others, and he wanted to celebrate that.

With the strategic help and effort from Jeremy and Jabin, the Home Bar Awards was born. 


Jeremy JF Thompson, Tales of the Cocktail

Born in Los Angeles and raised in half a dozen countries, Jeremy JF Thompson settled in New Orleans by way of San Francisco and New York. After 4 years as a bar manager and consultant, followed by 6 years as a trade marketing specialist in the spirits industry, Jeremy went on to create a strategic event marketing company, through which he founded, publicized and sold the New Orleans Daiquiri Festival to Tales of the Cocktail, just over a year before going to work for Tales.

Jeremy is now an industry marketing consultant at THOMPSON Consulting. When he’s not working, Jeremy loves researching digital trends, enjoying American whiskeys, and dancing to old Soul and R&B tunes with his wife.


Jabin Troth, Licensed to Distill

Jabin Troth is one humble guy. One might think that after skyrocketing to more than half a million followers, getting the attention of many notable names in the spirits industry, spearheading Whistle Pig's social media presence, and becoming a sought-after consultant to other liquor brands — all in less than two years — would give him a bit of an ego. But Troth is just a regular dude, married with two children, living in Southern California, and eternally grateful for every opportunity that comes his way.

He also just happens to be a huge fan of incredible-looking cocktails, the people and techniques behind them, and telling their story via his Instagram account, Licensed to Distill.

How to Submit Entries

1. Eligible entries for Home Bar Awards 2018 must be submitted between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018.

2. Participants submit entries by tagging #homebarawards on any home bartending related posts.

3. Participants can submit an unlimited numbers of entries.

4. Participants can work for licensed entities or brands, but eligible accounts must have no affiliation with them.

5. Professional bartenders and enthusiasts are welcome to enter the monthly challenges, but all entries must be created at home.

6. Posts that are sponsored or paid for by someone else (native advertisements) are ineligible.

Monthly Themes

In addition to the running submissions throughout the year, the Home Bar Awards will select a unique challenge every month. At the end of the month, a prize will be given to the winner, which guarantees them a nomination for the three major annual awards.

2018 Themes

January - Show Us Your Bar

February - Tribute to David Bowie

March - The Big Screen

April - Spring Break

May - A Storied Cocktail

June - Low-Waste Cocktails

July - Ice Ice Baby

August - Dive Bar Drinks

September - Cocktail Crush

October - Star Wars

November - Savory Cocktails

December - TBA

General Grading Criteria

Posts that tag #homebarawards are eligible for an award, but the award goes to the respective account, not the post. While each award has its own grading rubric, the following criteria will be taken into account for all awards:

  • Concept

  • Curation

  • Scene production

  • Photo and video production

  • Quality and accuracy of information

  • Resourcefulness

  • Drink quality

Home Bartender of the Year

The Home Bartender of the Year is equal parts artist and scientist. This person has built a foundation on the classics. However, he or she consistently creates new, bold cocktails that push the boundaries of traditional home bartending. This award goes to the person who delivers on presentation, without compromising taste and balance. Not only does this person make great cocktails, but has become an integral part of the home bartending community through helping to educate others on craft mixology.

Home Bar of the Year

This award isn't meant for the most well-stocked home bar. A good home bar has character. It's the focal point of a room. It's where people gather. It's where stories are told. And most importantly, it's where great cocktails are made. The Home Bar of the Year award celebrates the bar where gin and genever join hands, where tonic and tinctures play nice, and Bruto and Cocchi get along. It's not stocked for the sake of stocking. It's intentional, it's clean, and with one look, you know the person behind it is one serious home bartender.

Most Innovative Concept of the Year

This award goes to the account where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Their posts are a bit indescribable, intangible, and novel without being eccentric. This account respects the cocktail, but showcases it through a magical lens that no one else does. When you see a post from this account, it's instantly recognizable. This award goes to the account that's made their mark on the home bartending community and has seen substantial organic growth.