NYC’s Amor y Amargo partners with the Home Bar Awards to crown Home Bartender of the Year

The Home Bar Awards competition is excited to announce they've partnered with NYC’s popular cocktail bar, Amor y Amargo, to crown the Home Bartender of the Year. The 1st place winner of the annual competition will receive the honor of having their drink featured on Amor y Amargo’s menu.

2018 Home Bartender of the Year

December is the final round of this first annual home bartending competition. To cap off this exciting year, a winner will be selected for the highly coveted award, 2018 Home Bartender of the Year. This annual award is open to those who have placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any of 2018’s challenges. The winner will get their own original drink featured on the menu at Amor y Amargo for a period of two weeks. Here's beverage director and owner, Sother Teague, talking about it on his radio show, The Speakeasy (starts at 4:25).

While the opportunity to win the annual challenge is only open to previous winners, Home Bar Awards will open the monthly challenge, with the same theme, to all home bartenders for a chance to win the month of December, and earn a nomination for 2019’s annual competition.

The Rules

Teague and the Amor y Amargo team are challenging home bartenders to put their best bitters hat on and create a cocktail that would pass their own rigorous menu test. Along with the customized barware from Sertodo Copper, all winners will receive a signed copy of Teague’s book, I'm Just Here for the Drinks: A Guide to Spirits, Drinking and More Than 100 Extraordinary Cocktails. Lastly, all participants for December’s challenge will be entered into a random drawing to win their own signed copy.

The rules for both the annual and the monthly challenge are the same, adapted from the menu development process at Amor y Amargo:

  • Drinks must fall under one of three templates

    • Old Fashioned

    • Manhattan

    • Negroni

  • Drink must feature a prominent bitter component (amari, bitters, or both!)

  • Drink must be stirred, not shaken

  • Drink cannot contain juice

Anyone interested in participating can submit entries by tagging #homebarawards on their Instagram posts.

About Home Bar Awards

The Home Bar Awards is a celebration of the vibrant community of people who love to create cocktails at home. Since launching in January, they've already made a big imprint on this community gaining over 11,000 followers and driving almost 4,500 submissions in their Instagram-driven home bartending contest.